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New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and big data have enabled real estate owners to be more efficient in their day-to-day business. The application of these new technologies is furthermore shaped by social distancing requirements and regional lockdowns arising out of COVID-19 which have introduced changes in the way we are required to deal with real estate.

While the concept of IoT within property is straightforward, the planning, deployment, implementation and management of the enabling resources can be a challenging journey through existing physical structures, difficult environmental conditions and numerous construction phases while meeting regulatory compliance. 



Operational: delivering multiple contracts on a common digital backbone. Our engineers are able to do multiple tasks on several parts of projects, reducing delivery time and demonstrates complete project ownership. The responsibility for the project delivery lies with one single point of contact that de-risks the project delivery in a complex environment.

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Big savings on your projects, delivered on time to budget! THis approach can realise savings of around 33% on complete infrastructure and PropTech deployment.

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Our goal is to improve your customers experience while on your site, ensuring the area is safe, throughout the lifetime of the hardware. By using a combined PropTech deliver approach this dream can become reality.

Improved integration


Working with multiple suppliers may seem like a good idea. After all, you can use the best supplier in each field, right? But what about maintenance? Think about all the separate visits and multiple invoices. Lack of ownership and responsibility leads to a disorganised aproach to PropTech delivery and ongoing support and maintenance. How about 1 supplier providing you with the best all in one solution and taking care of all maintenance? We offer a tailormade system and are looking for a long term partnership with our clients. No install and run, but quality and service guaranteed! Get in touch with us today and we will tell you all about it!