CoreTech Solutions can offer your business

• Accuracy-Assured™ implementations in more than 49 countries
• Implementation, support and maintenance
• Solution design and site surveys – pre and post sales
• Advice on local implementation regulations and standards
• Advice on local country rules and religious considerations
• High quality, repeatable service and support in your own country or any overseas country

Note we have successful implementations and support in the countries marked on the map in CoreTech green



Working in over 49 countries already, CoreTech helps companies with some of the following frustrations and challenges:


“A customer has expanded to a new territory and you don’t have anyone with local knowledge. So not only is installation going to be expensive, but so is support and maintenance.”

“You want to grow your business in new countries but are worried about your ability to deliver consistent implementation quality.”

“You want to grow but the capital investment of opening overseas is stopping your business reaching its potential.”

“Managing profit margins, staff at arms length, without local knowledge on implementations overseas is a risk and a threat to your business”

We’re here to help you Internationalise your business

CoreTech has robust business processes, systems, local quality delivery in over 40 countries and substantial international project management.

Here are some of the countries

we operate in:


Dubai Indonesia
Egypt Italy
Kuwait Japan
Lebanon Malaysia 
Qatar Mexico
Saudi Arabia Netherlands
UAE New Zealand
Argentina Norway
Australia Pakistan
Austria  Poland
Bangladesh Portugal
Benelux Romania
Brazil Russia
Canada Serbia
Chile Singapore
China Slovakia
Colombia Spain
Czech Republic Sweden
Denmark Switzerland
Eire Thailand
Finland Ukraine
France United Kingdom
Germany United States
Hong Kong Venezuela