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Real-time, contactless screening of a person’s temperature

A security operator screens the subject (Customer, Employee, Visitor) that appears at the entry point. If the temperature is normal and within range the subject proceeds to enter the establishment

If the temperature is higher than expected security operator is notified with an audio visual alarm in your Control Centre. The subject is then asked to wait for a re-screen in a quarantine area.

The diagram shows an example process set up in an office or a check in type situation

This system is aimed to deploy a screening processes across one or many sites with ease and efficiency 


Why this Solution will work for you

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On detection a handling process has to be followed to allow all cases to be handled to government guidelines and with dignity

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Each organisation will deal with high temperature cases differently. Procedures will be different for different roles (employee, visitor, customer, service provider, etc.) Procedures can be adapted real-time in order to follow government guidelines

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We offer a highly adaptive process that can be tailored to an organisation or individual location. This process allows each case to be handled efficiently and with a handling process to follow. The deployment and training become more straight forward as the whole situation is process driven

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Processes can be adapted to locations that except the visitor to fully cooperate and a visitor to not be fully cooperative. The system provides actionable intelligence to allow staff to act

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Some of Our Features

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Project Management

Proven track record in the deployment of large scale roll outs. Industry leader in quality control and 'Right First Time' work ethics.

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Service & Support

CoreTech tailor our service and support package to meet our clients service level agreement requirements. From same day response to annual preventative maintenance visits.

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3C Real-time CRM

To meet the demand of our customers CoreTech Solutions has introduced our web-based real-time reporting system called the ‘CoreTech Control Centre’ - 3C for short

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Safe Contractor

The SafeContractor scheme provides a health and safety audit service for CoreTech to reassure our clients that health and safety is being handled correctly and sufficiently on our sites.

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PRINCE2 Qualified

Working to PRINCE2 project delivery methodology and practitioner certification programme. PRINCE2 emphasises dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages

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Excel Premier Partner

Excel is a world-class premium performance end-to-end infrastructure solution - designed, manufactured, supported and delivered - without compromise.

A tailored process to your organisation


Using Technology to Increase Customer Confidence in Public & Private Spaces

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Increased Confidence to ease Lockdown

As Lockdown eases the public will be concerned to return to areas where social distancing will be a potential challenge

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Established Technology

Established technology being used for a new propose

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Getting Back to Some Sort of 'Normal'

Helping people to return to commuting, office, educational and leisure spaces

Person has no fever detected

Useful Information to be Noted

The accuracy of the thermal detection is has accuracy of  ± 0.5°C with Blackbody

The temperature readings values should be treated as a guideline only. Accuracy of readings depends on a wide variety of conditions

This product are not medical devices or intended for medical use and have not been tested or approved by any regulatory authority.

This product is not intended as a primary means of identifying persons who may be infected any disease (including COVID-19).

The accuracy of temperature readings depends on a wide variety of conditions and, accordingly, such readings should be regarded as indicative only. Any elevated body temperature readings should be confirmed with an appropriate medical device (e.g. an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer).

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