People counting, pedestrian monitoring, queue management and tracking implementations and support

With over 25,000 implementations of people counting, pedestrian monitoring, queue management and tracking solutions, CoreTech is the leading specialist in the installation and support to the customer data and retail intelligence industry.accuracy assured

  • Pedestrian monitoring
  • People counting
  • Queue management
  • In-store customer tracking
  • Tracking solutions

Working with the world’s most respected solutions providers

We’ve worked with the world’s leading providers of customer data and retail intelligence for some of the world’s most respected brands.

Accurate customer data

As a result we recognise that accuracy-optimised data is central to our customers’ core business and it’s what reputations and lasting long-term relationships are built on.

That’s why we always talk about implementations and not installations

Customer data device implementations

Knowing where to put devices, being part of the design solution, identifying issues and opportunities during site surveys and knowing how to optimise the set-up of the devices is about:

Industry specific experience

  • Over 15 years implementation experience
  • Hiring the world’s leading engineers, worldwide
  • Investing in understanding the latest technology
  • Expertise in setting up devices and optimising
  • Solution design and site surveys

With the backing of partnerships with the world’s leading device manufacturers to accredit our work, we can deal with any hardware, any devices, anywhere in the world.