Queue Management

We can all think of plenty of reasons why customers hate to queue. In fact many experts say one of the first things customers do when they enter a store is to look at the queues to see whether they have time to shop in that store. That's why retailers are constantly seeking new ways to combat people standing in line.

Worldwide, CoreTech has industry leading experience in the implementation of queue management systems.

Our service is more than just installation. Any CoreTech implementation includes the following rigourous approach:

  • Design the solution
  • Consider the optimal implementation and technology
  • Advise on network requirements
  • Professionally install devices
  • Accuracy-Assured implementation
  • Service and support the implementation
  • Provide call-out
  • Give you access to our real-time customer service and reporting system (3C)
  • Operate worldwide

We are already partners of the world's two largest manufacturers of queueing systems - Brickstream and Irisys.

Find out how our experience can save you money, help protect your reputation with customers, offer you international and global reach and provide excellent service and support in the field - wherever your customer is based.