3C – Real-Time Support and Implementation Portal

In a fast pace industry waiting for paper written or voice updates is just not good enough.

To meet the demand of our customers CoreTech Solutions has introduced our web-based real-time reporting system called the ‘CoreTech Control Centre’ - 3C for short.

3C is designed to allow access to online project management, installation and service team updates as the job is actually taking place – in real-time and branded to your own company requirements.

phone image3C Real-time features include:

  • Log in and out
  • iPhone app
  • Change task and job status
  • Update call owner and notify changes
  • Support information
  • Diary updates
  • Log and report on call information
  • Diary entries – status, data
  • Site visit
  • Management reporting
  • Instant call reports
  • Digital onsite sign-offs and process workflows
  • Visit logs
  • Photos for stock management
  • Stock parts tracking
  • Surveys
  • Equipment shortage alerts
  • Stock movements
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Completion status
  • Project Management status
  • Project documentation
  • Escalation alerts
  • Customer satisfaction and jobs completion status

3C Screen Shots