How we work

The 7 main pillars of how we work are

  • Accuracy-Assured™ implementations

  • Experienced and expert team

  • Project management excellence

  • Worldwide consistent quality

  • Real-time support and implementation portal

  • Quality system

  • Embracing Technology


Accurate data requires accurate implementation – installation, set-up and optimization. We insist on the highest standards of accuracy. Accuracy-Assured™ implementation allows us to meet exceptionally high standards and we hope, gives you, the solution partner, every confidence in our ability to deliver a successful implementation and support.

Experienced and expert team

25,000 device implementations in over 40 countries in every type of application for hundreds of different end-customers, requires and acquires real expertise and experience. Our advanced systems ensure that we can draw on this experience at every stage in any project including pre-sales, implementation and support.

Project management excellence

CoreTech prides itself on planning, organising and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of our customers project goals and objectives. It’s a discipline that we are 100% committed to – it’s a big part of our success – and our customers success. It includes efficient budget, time, scheduling, resource planning, reporting, quality assurance and compliance auditing.

Worldwide consistent quality

Quality systems are all about replicating the same high standards, wherever you are in the world. Our team of expert and experienced engineers are based throughout the world – but all have access to the same systems, support, training and knowledge.

Real-time support and implementation portal

Our experienced engineers work with real-time customer service and reporting. This means we can provide our valued solutions customers detailed instant reporting on their sites. The system, known as 3C, gives iPhone, laptop and desktop access to our customers so they have a full 360 degree view of visits, parts used, site status and on-site digital sign-off.

Helps you stay in control – in real-time.

Quality system

All our processes are mapped to an ISO 9001 quality process and are designed to support our Accuracy-Assured system.

Embracing Technology

Technology changes fast. That’s why our customers rely on our investment in the use, application, standards and requirements. In partnership with our Industry Beta Labs programme, we invest in product and soluton based training and new and future technologies to help you deliver real business benefits.

Working with CoreTech, you’ll benefit from access to:

Project Management

  • Access to CoreTech real-time web updates
  • As installed documentation
  • Store sign off
  • Mark up plans with equipment locations
  • Solution design
  • Management of health and safety
  • Local contact for customer
  • Project plans
  • Attending client meeting
  • Survey

Worldwide coverage for:

  • Site visit
  • Survey all equipment locations
  • Photograph equipment locations
  • Record dimensions
  • Identify issues and risks
  • Identify any health and safety issues
  • Document and deliver information back to the client
  • Maintenance

Worldwide coverage for:

  • Call to fix 
  • Remote support
  • Site visit
  • Access to CoreTech real-time web updates
  • Telephone technical support
  • Installation

Worldwide coverage for:

  • PC / cabinet build and test
  • Installation of cable
  • Installation of device
  • Installation of bracket
  • Device configuration
  • As installed documentation
  • Install PC, POE & switch
  • On site validation
  • Store sign off

Other Services

  • Local procurement of common equipment
  • European based storage hub with real time web based stock system
  • Technical support to local and European sales teams
  • Workshop facilities
  • Testing facilities
  • Remote configuration
  • Other potential sales leads

Documentation: Survey
From a pre installation site visit a Design Specification will be created to show the following: Confirm Number of Devices, Confirm Type of Devices, Confirm Location of Devices, Confirm System layout, Identify and resolve any Health & Safety issues

Documentation: Post Installation
After the installation has been completed the following documentation will be supplied:
As installed Design Specification, showing device locations, system location and any other auxiliary equipment locations. As installed device table showing serial numbers and entrance accuracy. Any device settings files such as equipment configuration files
Customer sign off that the works have been completed to a satisfactory standard

All documentation will be posted onto the CoreTech Solutions’ 3C real time web based reporting system to be downloaded. Individual login and passwords will be issued as requested.